The Truth Behind Beauty

Oftentimes, what we see and what we perceive diverge and many times, what we see is nothing but a lie, a dream. Time and again our heart drowns in the river of false love, seeing what is not there and unseeing what is really there.

There were times when true beauty reigned this world, when dark clouds gave birth to angels, when the sun hid behind the moon and the stars sang of galaxies unseen, when the flowers bloomed above buried bones, when stones spoke in descant tunes and when sky beheld the dying earth and cried with tears of love and grace.

But alas! Our eyes have grown old and weak and our mind young, what they beheld before with awe and pride is now nothing…but a lost dream.

What is true beauty? What is the truth? The statues of plaster or the flowers of twine? The smiles of fire or the tears of brine? The sky of smoke or the earth of cotton? The sea of thorns or the tombs of love? All are lies, all are illusions, the beauty lies nowhere…but in our own eyes, in our own soul, in our own heart.

This world is a river of deception, to see the truth we need to find the truth in ourselves for our souls are seas of deception and to see through the mist of lies, we need a heart, a heart more pure than anything, a heart on which the curtain of lie has no effect. Ah! But where do we find such purity, such perfection, such strength when all the cosmos is filled with evil and lies? When all the matter is buried in pain and misery?

Yes, that is true but when a painter paints, he hides little truths underneath a big lie and that is exactly how the world is painted, its truth is hidden beneath all its lies and the easiest way to unveil the truth is to ask the painter.

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