Laws – Roads To Excellence

Laws are not merely to constraint one from doing as he does, they are paths to wisdom and guidance. A law lays two paths for us, one leads to ignorance and the other to guidance and knowledge. Many of us follow the third path, slightly treading on both. But an astute person understands that no law is divine, every law in this universe, either good or bad, tries to attain perfection of divinity, every law pushes us towards that ultimate form of nature. To live in a particular way, is not to forbid the other, it is but to tell us which way leads to excellence but to understand completely the meaning of a law and what it states, we need to understand its roots, its reasons, its nature.

Some might say, laws deprive us of comfort. To walk, to sleep, to breathe, to speak, to live in a particular way only guides us towards our own prosperity. Just imagine, what would happen if we follow the opposite way, to walk with hands, to sleep while standing, to eat with feet? Yes, that would be absurd, so that is why laws and rules are not like barriers but like sign posts, instructing and guiding us to righteousness and our own sublimity.

And remember Reader, when all the sign posts are gone, the road leads only to one place and that is oblivion

Here one would ask: What is oblivion? Is it just a big vast empty space? Oblivion is not a void, nor a big vast empty space, but it is of this world, the present, it is just a fantasy hidden in reality but it is a reality in one’s mind. When a mind enters the realm of oblivion, the soul loses its control on mind, the mind becomes one’s own torture chamber, bringing agonizing memories back, making us, the victim, see those painful memories, those forgotten moments again and again and there is no bigger torment.

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