Ignorance and Knowledge

Everyone remembers his childhood. It is a period of eternal bliss, far from the maddening crowds of the world, in which a child builds his own world that centers around him. It is a world full of fairies and strange creatures where the butterflies of life flutter in all directions. He sees the world from his own lens; the lens of a child; pure, simple, and clean from the biases of the adult world. How wonderful and sublime the world looks from the perspective of a child.

Then adulthood arrives from nowhere with all its burdens and responsibilities and the world changes.

It is the ignorance of the child that makes the world seem so beautiful and it is the knowledge of the harsh realities of life that make adults so miserable. With coming of age, as man becomes more and more knowledgeable about the world around him, he becomes more and more pessimistic. A time comes when he asks himself questions which are too impossible even to understand. The world then looks like a dark place full of dark demons, ready to engulf him whether he makes a mistake or not.

But the question arises that if ignorance is so wonderful, why, animals are the most ignorant, or even more so are the trees and rocks!

Knowledge may bring with it those undeniable harsh realities but it also helps us to look at the deep mysteries of the world. It makes us curious to ask questions like: “Who we are?” “Where are we?” “And what is the destination of this journey?”

It makes us wonder, it wakes in us the senses which see beauty no one else can see, and it invokes in us the pleasure which none can even dream of.

It may be a burden but it is a burden worth putting on your shoulders.

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