On Optimism & Hope

When the world becomes dark and all that you believe in is gone, you see yourself standing at the edge of a precipice asking yourself a question:

“Is this life worth living?”

Only one thing stops you when there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from committing the ‘selfish and irreparable’ act.

A fierce and blind hope.

Born in the dark realms of hopelessness is the hope of a better tomorrow. The hope that tomorrow I will feel better when there is nothing to make you feel better about. The hope that you will forget when deep down you know you will never and the shear foolishness to think that the sun of tomorrow will shine on something that will give a new meaning to life when you know that there is no tomorrow and there is no meaning of life.

You find yourself caught in a maze sulking in some blind alley, tired and exhausted.You know you have missed all your chances and you will never find the way.

In that moment , at that exact moment when you are in midst of making a decision to stop, to end this madness you hear some voice speaking in some forgetful corner in the dark depths of your existence. It says:

“Why not take another step?”

The shear foolishness of the suggestion makes you laugh. But you take another step. May be to prove the voice wrong or may be for some other reason. You yourself may never know.

And Behold! You are in a completely different world.

Where there was darkness there is a bit light.Where there was nothing there is something.Where there was a blind alley…..there is a way!

With every step your hopes rise and with ever step you become more and more ready to get what you wanted.

Many of you might be saying:

“NO! its not like that…..we try and we pathetically fail. As simple as that.”

But what I am saying here is about trying and trying again and again, and failing using every drop of optimism in your heart and soul until you feel absolutely exhausted.

At that moment you try once again and BAM!…you have done it.

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