Questions of a Thought

It was then the darkest night of the month, millions of stars were twinkling in the dark blue sky and all the life was shrouded in the veil of silence and in that silence a thought was opening its eyes.

How lonesome are these stars? the thought wondered, from dusk to dawn, from night to day, from birth to death, from start to end, there they stand, unmoving, so full of emotion and never complain even once.

Through the rivers of emotion, through the winds of time, through the oceans of deception, it went and went asking itself only one question: why do humans, even in all love and friendship and despite of having everything, complain?

The thought, while pondering on this question, flew and flew till it touched the heavens and saw a lonesome star making an arc in the dark blue sky; there it stopped and wondered, how happy would that star have felt when it was at last free? But no, even in that state of freedom, the star felt only contentment and even though it was dying, it was grateful, because after all the days spent in loneliness, it was at last…free.

The arising thought collapsed under heavy shower of tears, shouting and crying, how selfish and foolish are we! We have everything yet we complain but what is the reason behind our greed, behind our lament?

There is no reason, there is only fact, we greed because we want to be better than everyone, we want to be gods, we want to be kings. But why do we want to be gods? Because we want command over everything and everyone and why do we want command over everything and everyone? Because we want everyone to envy us.

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4 thoughts on “Questions of a Thought

  1. You have such a strong point of view. I agree with you totally. If only our kind were grateful for the simple things in life, they would already feel happy, instead of spending their entire beings chasing happiness. If one could only open their eyes a little wider and see what is right in front of them.

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