The Winds of Time

Since the time of our beginning, we have tried to understand time. We have sailed on oceans dark and deep, walked on lands hard and soft, flown on wings wide and slender but the winds of Time have always shadowed us. But it has always been a mystery to us and yet we have always known it’s known quantity but never it’s origin, its unknown. Although, time is just an imaginary thing to which we have given a name, it is very much real and all that is by life or death never escapes the shadow of time, even death ages and love that is and was even before time, is a slave of his.

We often perceive time by clocks and we always feel time walking forward on a straight road, never glancing leftwards or rightwards, it is said that time waits for no one but none understand that it is everyone’s and everything’s companion and wherever it will stop everything will cease to be. The only difference between Time and us is that we are always glancing left or right, always walking away from our path.

After understanding the known entity of Time, it is concluded that Time is relative, it varies universally, depending on the situation in which it is conscious. In olden days, the age of humanity was limited to several hundred years, it was not that their age was beyond ours but how they perceived time, they spent thousands of years in the same time we spend a hundred years.

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