The Series of Poetries – 1


Come, Reader! Let us enter in the light of poetry and experience a different world than that of prose. See how ink flows from the pen and transform into a painting, understand how the flowers grow upon the graves. Come, Beloved! let us read the three pieces of poetry:

Time & Infinity

Infinity is finite to an extent of infinity,
For rises it infinite and falls it infinite;
But Time is the only other immortal born,
That outpaces the pace of infinity, forlorn;

But if Time was born and so was Infinity;
Perhaps, they are finite in their own vicinity.

Star Light

Sun, when drowns in the sea of love,
The stars come out to say goodbye,
And the moon watches from above,
Remembering his love with a sigh.

Light of Moon as touches the hills,
Iridescent flowers close their eyes,
Glancing, angels come out and swirl,
Harps then play to their loud cries, as
The night subsides and day arrives.

The Broken Oak Bridge

The river is singing under my feet,
As I balance on this broken oak bridge;
Ah! the sins of forbiddance I repeat,
As the wind blows my soul into the ridge.

But what are all these dark notions worth,
If I, my voice is razed, from this earth.

The Poet: Arkane

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Photo Credits: Unknown (Owner may take the ownership if he wants)


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