In a Dream With Death

Before, the flow of memory starts, the Reader must know that this all is for him, so let us, the Author and the Reader, concentrate once on the weaving and forget all about the other world for we are about to enter the Dreamworld with our companion as Death.

Thrice the station’s bell sounded and resounded and I found myself standing alone, holding a bare ticket in my hand, on a vacant train station. To my fading memory, I remembered leaving my mortal vessel some hours ago but where, I couldn’t recall. My sight wandered and at last glimpsed a huge ‘C’ above the desolate staircase. 

It is the nature of the soul to feel spineless when consigned to an unknown place, especially if it has plain white walls, no reception or egress and shadows that do not exist. Feeling totally out of my depth, I tried to take a step towards a vacant bench which seemed so tempting but I could not move. All sense of perception was overwhelmed by fear; my body, my hands, all of me was shaking with it, and for once, I wished that I was back with my brother mortal.

At last, to my great relief, my eardrums welcomed the distant sound of the train’s whistle and hope took the fear’s place, my first glimpse of the train was unexpected for it was a black train and I tell you Listener, that it was no ordinary black, it looked a part of the void, even the shadows couldn’t imitate it, even the night, itself, failed. Only one soul could be seen, through the translucent glass that like a veil covered one half of the train, but his mien was unknown to me because of distance.

I felt sweat open its eyes upon my temples yet there was no dankness and I felt no wind and heard no howl or chirp or squeak. It felt as if the station wandered amidst the void, forlorn amidst the whole universe. But inside my heart a storm was raging with such viciousness and force that I almost fainted.

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19 thoughts on “In a Dream With Death

  1. No mistakes. Only still, suspense…My series Dying In The Present Living In Eternity perhaps sheds some light on this suspense. Your series captivated my being from the first lines to the last ones. Brilliant! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahm! I am sorry, Madame! 🙂 Forgive me 🙂
        As for kindness, please take all you want from my heart and soul, I am, myself, empty of kindness. You are too kind and my kindness, does not compare to yours 🙂 Thank you, once again, my apologies, Madam 🙂


      2. Don’t know exactly how to take you. All I know is that you have put a joyful smile in my face. Your ‘sir’ make me aware of how pompous I must sound to you. That’s not me at all! Really, I am just a human that has lived and died and now lives in what my Father tells me it is eternity! What a life! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes, what a life! a life full of mistakes, a human but a mistake. I am sincerely sorry for calling you ‘sir’, forgive my insolence.
        And, no lady, you do not sound pompous at all but kind and kindness is same for all genders, I was merely assuming as we are not formally introduced. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Well, consider us formally introduced, you–an amazing youth with an amazing present and yet an amazing future.
        Me? An amazing, unpredictable, peculiar woman with great sense of humor.
        I have all my young friends bamboozled into believing me to be a queen for that is the meaning of my Greek name–Basilia.
        So, I give you permission to drop the madam and instead call me, Your Highness. lol Plz do not take me serious in this matter. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I am so glad that in your comment for my latest post you honored me with my nickname thia instead of Your Highness as per my instructions. lol Father knows that sometimes I am so heavy because of all that goes on in my loved ones’ lives, so, He allows me some humor.
    Young friends are determined to make me lay down the burden and, I am determined to make them pick it up–I mean for them to get serious. Then again, I see the kindness of them all, so, I oblige with my silliness. They love it and all is well in paradise for that’s the way I catch their attention.:-)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is an honor, to ‘pick up’ such burden as yours, life is full of possibilities, it is just a matter of thinking. And you, my lady, have certainly caught my attention, and fully too. I thank you 🙂


      1. You sound like myself! There is hope though, we are the unloved ones that everybody loves! Go figure it!
        The truth of the matter is that we do not want that kind of love that everybody wants to shower on us!
        Even more so, we want the love from on high, and that’s the kind that I am sharing with you. For you are greatly loved and our Father/Creator wants me to tell you that great news!
        You cannot feel that kind of love with your physical senses.
        It is all spiritual sense–the sense that you & I have.
        Yes, someone greater than myself loves you, loves me! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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