The Series of Poetries – 2


As, Reader, you have sung my former songs and read my early works, this also is waiting for your superior view. Come and let us explore, a world of night and day, of hate and love, of joy and pain, a world of yours and mine imagination, of paintings unpainted and sculptures untainted. Let us continue by orating these thrice written poems and I hold myself to the promise that you, Reader, won’t be disappointed.

The Dark Night

When I have glimpsed of sun’s waning shine,
And seen the blue rivers turn red with time,
How can I not hate, the morn’s piercing light,
That hides the truth, under our dim sight?
That there will again come the dark night.

I Saw Him In The Sky

I remember that night, that stark sky,
Where I saw him, his glimmering eyes;
His smile was one, caressing my eyes,
I know now, why, I mirror his cries.

On Love’s Day

Sitting there, are you thinking about me?
How my eyes glistened as you approached me;
How, like an eagle, your heart soared to me,
That now mine sings your divine melody.

And now when I glance, upon your lovely shape.
I ask you, can I dwell inside your heart’s drape?

Your thoughts are much appreciated, please point to us any mistakes you find.
The Poet: Arkane

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Photo Credits: Opiemme


2 thoughts on “The Series of Poetries – 2

  1. In response to your Saying “I don’t know”……
    I am following you. I am not a bird…:-) I value your honest opinion of your writing–so much liken to my opinion of my own writing. Like yourself, I did not believe in anything because nothing made sense to me. From a very young age I was able to see the hypocrisy of them all. Then things changed for me in 1985. Still, I did not know about the importance of the Name. Came the year 2006, I began to learn about that Name. Still, my understanding was quite clouded by the myriad of opinions and such. Until I arrived to this region of the world and, Father chose to enlighten me about all those beliefs and such that were programmed in my natural mind. I now know for sure why I must, by all means uphold that name, even when I still don’t know how exactly to pronounce it. Hope that this makes sense to you. 🙂

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    1. It is not that, I do not believe in His name but that I do not believe in names given to mortals. In my honest opinion, they do not hold much significance but the Divine names, yes those have a different taste altogether and I, myself, am a firm believer and was from my birth. I respect the Divine names, for they are not according to our thinking, their meaning is much more complex than Paul and George 😀 Our thinking, which limited to this small world cannot even consider those names. And whom you call Father, He has many names, different in every religion but most true in Islam. Allah is His name and from the beginning of time to the present none has ever been named after His name.
      Hope this makes sense to you 🙂


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