Aiming Beyond the Impossible

Sometime ago, I made a schedule for myself and I found out that when I followed the schedule, I felt a certain kind of fulfillment and satisfaction. This made me feel better, but in the meantime, I lost the vigor and energy necessary for carrying out the schedule onwards, and as a result procrastinated and lost interest in the endeavor all together.

When I look back at the incident now, I realize that the feeling of achieving the goal was the main reason that I lost all my enthusiasm and passion in the whole undertaking.

And I learnt, that a person must set his goals high enough that he may never reach them. For when a person reaches his desired destination or achieves his target, he loses all desire to continue, to go any further. For a dead man, this may prove to be good but for a living soul, this brings a halt to the whole process of inner evolution which leads to decay and degeneration.

And when a person achieves a certain milestone in his endeavor, praise and appreciation follows, and when he loses his steps in a struggle to achieve his objectives, he is criticized. He must take acclamation and compliments, not as a sign post of great achievement but as a proof of the latent potential inside him to achieve the impossible. Criticism and condemnation on the other hand, should be seen as an opportunity to find out faults and imperfections of his mind, heart and actions.

He must never lend a hand to self-loathing of self-praise because both lead men to desperation and hopelessness.

The Author: Muhammad Ali Hafiz

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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