Black & White

But this is, in itself, almost impossible to comprehend, that in nature all mortals are created equal for by our very sight, we witness instances of difference in every mortal’s ability or intelligence, color or creed, language or race but, this universe is balanced, with everything having its rightful place and along with its domicile, there is also present its converse, its opposite, which is, neither less nor more than its inverse. For instance, hate is no eviler than love or pain more hurtful than pleasure and certainly no creature with capability is freer than a creature with incapability.

In truth, equality is an understatement for an assertion, that nothing has the right to call, itself or rather its existence, more superior than any other thing.  But in our beliefs, equality holds almost an insignificant place because of its complexity; because in our sense of understanding, equality means similarity, likeness or the sameness of two things, but in contradiction to our thinking, difference cannot take the place of equality because equality persists through everything and everything can be equal yet not the same.

For instance, white and black, two colors which hold no resemblance to each other and are as unique as can be, are yet equal because there is no more color in white than in black, nor is white any more unique than black, yet white is brighter but so is black darker, hence they are both, in their own selves, equal.

Equality is a concept that balances upon the beams of logic, and logic is hardest to understand yet simplest if understood. Mathematics is, as they say, a game of logics. You increase one value and the other one changes of its own accord but the concept is the main soul behind mathematics, you cannot jump the queue, there are steps to be necessarily taken, there is a need to understand how a number is added or subtracted and in its concept the main theory is that of equality and mathematics is an empty vessel without equality, as are humans.

Reflecting this, not necessarily, two twins are equal, if their equality is quantified according to similarity but they are equal, according to equality theory; that none of the two beings have any superiority over the other.

Putting emphasis on equality, it would not be wrong to conclude that any human can do anything any other human can do, because nor me nor anyone else has the right or permission to deny him that gift.  Even incapacitated persons can run, walk, talk, hear, smell, jump because they are not less than anyone but, it will be good to remember that they will not necessarily do all these acts by any law that humanity has enacted upon them but in their own way.

In equality, there is no me or you but us or nothing and true unity is devoid of black or white or capable or incapable, in it all are the same yet different. Unity is the soul of freedom and equality is the soul of humanity, believing in ourselves was never enough, we had to believe in humanity in order to progress and one cannot believe in anything but oneself if in one’s thought there is nothing but oneself.

The Weaver

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3 thoughts on “Black & White

  1. This post as all your posts reflect the depth of your soul. Do not be discouraged by the black birds crow. Not many humans are there that can appreciate the depth of our beings. Most live a pompous ignoramus conceited and inflated life with their own gross ego.
    Relax. Enjoy the ones that bring you hope. Let go of the rest. Grab on to the higher life that you are living. Let the Spirit fill your spirit with the hope that this corrupt world of knowledge of good & evil has denied you and I and the rest of the legit children of our Father. Your friend.

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