The Bigger Question

In the vast deserts of eternity where death’s shadow lies, I see different paths woven in different directions, sometimes parallel and many times crossing, twisting and turning, part in shadow, part in light, part dark and part bright, leading to oasis sometimes, plunging into mirages many times; blue and green, red and yellow: all at once or just blackness, or just whiteness; yet strange lands, stranger people, strangest things ever imagined reflecting the grandest imaginations of the greatest poets ever born, but when that which lives in my heart and mind is forever gone, everything looks so sad, so alone, so empty, hollow and so forlorn.

Life brings with it laughter, empty, luring to a land of sadness and misery, happiness enfolding sorrow, brightness hiding darkness, and all the pain, depression and tension with their counterparts: ecstasy, bliss and felicity, leading you somewhere, and you running like a madman without seeing, hearing or thinking, and most of all without knowing, but like a maniac, in a crowd, inside a stadium or on a racetrack, racing, laughing, crying and humping your body with every Ichor’s energy, extracting everything yet giving nothing, cursing and breathing, flailing and writhing, on and on going, but never turning, with eyes straight, looking at something: like a shadow, like a hologram, like an image, trying to catch it but failing, trying again and again until flesh becomes a wet cloth on weakened bones and every movement takes a life time and lifetime suddenly ending; that is all that is left of our modern lives.

But what is man, and what is his goal? Is he nothing, created from nothing to collapse into nothing? Or is he something anchored in this vast universe or this timeless time of eternity?

That is a question, we should ask ourselves when we have time which has become a commodity in a world where a marketplace is found in every corner of every street and everyone is either a seller or a buyer. Perhaps that will solve the bigger question, the question of this Universe and our creation.


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