The Star

Dearest Reader, this para might seem a bit of a challenge to your thought for it is intended to be quite intentionally a challenge, so proceed with caution and keep in mind that concentration is the key to success.

Sunlight trudges down towards the dark surface of emotion, bringing with it thousand memories, thousand dreams, but down it touches the blackest matter of heart giving it light temporarily and with soul breathing its last desperate breaths and the door of its existence being knocked by death but still on the dawn of darkness, the hand of light is seen, and in turn towards the empty void the shadows cower but still a void remains a void, devoid of all the mortal things, yet when cleaves the vein of emotion into riven joy, the void envelops the mortal heart and fortifies every tear as a sacred gem and torches all the bridges towards the blissful light but even then the divine melody slithers down with euphoric notes and heavenly tunes and soon the bright soul of light again caresses the heart of darkness with its supple hand, and with a surge of emotion the ocean of tears rushes forward with waves of agony and hand-in-hand they tread towards the celestial throne, but with grief the mortal eyes are blurred, but light is still there, hidden and enshrouded, waiting for someone to behold its compassion, but auricles are filled with cries of pain, and smells behold nothing but blood while the speech embraces the sounds turned lame and the heart feels only the wounds of bane, which imbibes all the mirth from earth, and gives the vane of vengeance, birth, which when cold is limp and frail, and resilient when hot in winter’s tale but alone it is a forsaken fate, for it has no kindling, but of rage, which is itself a flame of hate, a fire of zilch turning to zilch, but reason often avoids its abode, and anger is then made, revenge, while the light, still shines upon the globe, unseen yet seen but not by the envisioned, and sheaths, he, the hot blade into his own heart, but feels not his thirst quenched, for little does his broken thought sees, that his own bloody hands behold his longing thirst yet his heart does not melt, but hardens for another attempt, but all his vivacity is lost, all the anger has left his soul and beholds his mortality the realm of isolation where resides another void waiting to enclose his everything yet the star still glows, beside the windows of his isolated heart, but his mind has turned to stone, unfeeling and uncaring stone, forsaking all the happy dreams, and into silence, echoes his screams, while his rage, rages in void, and eyes cry in the dungeons of grief, yet the star of hope shines outside the blanket of solitude and amazingly this time, its light breaks through and enlightens the mortal’s atoned heart and that light is naught but hope but not the hope of mortal things but of things unseen, unknown.


The Weaver

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


12 thoughts on “The Star

  1. I sense… at first a description of a man stepping into the light which slowly envelops their face…
    The man is smiling.
    Eventually the light makes its way to the mans eyes and continues on its path to the man’s soul until the man blinks… then cutting the light off from the mans perspective only to have the light then reflect on itself and therefore its existence and purpose questioned… bringing the light itself to a dark place within itself… only to realize that the darkness does not deplete it’s existence but instead makes it whole… At this point the mans eyes are open yet again and the light once again has a connection to that which makes it divine. The light does not however realize this at first and so it becomes self involved… or self righteous… thereby becoming too bright for the man to see and once again losing its purpose… instead of losing itself in the nothingness outside of the mans body and casting itself away from the mans soul, it repurposes itself to be tears, blood, thoughts, pain… each new identity a stepping stone to be closer to the soul and body of the man and trying to once again become whole… Sadly in doing so the light then loses its purity and connection to the source… then giving in to earthly emotions and eventually becoming those emotions but not giving up on the idea of becoming whole… becoming closer to the soul… the former light takes up a new identity… the heart. As it becomes self realized as a individual entity of something bigger and therefore becomes self fulfilled… new light takes birth in the place in the void where the old light once resided and at first sees the heart and wants to become self fulfilled it begins to become jealous… shedding its purity and purpose the new light soon becomes dark… trying to force its way into the mortals soul which begins to drive the mortal crazy and compels the heart to guide the man in its fight against the darkness but upon realizing that it had caused the problem by abandoning the mortal, leaving him without a connection to the true source… the heart finally realizes its true purpose… Not to be one with the soul (which holds emotions and darkness but also purpose and wholeness) or one with the source (which holds the power of perspective that if used the wrong way can cause things to become unbalanced and dangerous) but instead something in-between… hope.

    Thus ends my perspective of your poem…
    A journey of something and its struggle to find purpose and belonging only to find that there is no better substitute for hope.
    Or… from the humans perspective…
    A man who is close to god and is happy but then falters and seeks information and identity and his struggle with trying to retrace his steps only continue losing his balance until divine intervention happens and the man finds peace… only to lose it to the winds of time… the man ultimately learns to live each day with hope.

    I believe you named this poem the star for a number of reasons…
    -Stars are our connection between heaven and earth.
    -The poem seems to follow the birth and life of a star along with the path of which it’s light follows
    -The star could also be a name for the reason of the problems that plague our main character as he begins to fall off the path only once he begins to be self involved and see himself as the star of the show.
    -The message (once decoded) of this poem is hope… which stars tend to radiate to people who feel they have nothing until they look up at the night sky and realize that maybe there’s a bigger picture.

    Just my take on it…

    Good poem.
    I enjoyed it.

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  2. WOW! You have interpreted it in a way that even I can’t believe! Of course, this piece has a lot of meanings, one being yours but the fundamental part is hope, which is present in every idea. My main purpose of writing this piece was to signify that hope is always there but often humans do not feel its presence because they are too busy pitying their own selves. I mentioned a number of tragedies, death, numbness then feeling again, hate, war, vengeance, anger and at last loneliness and again numbness and death; but during all these, hope is there, always present waiting for the soul to embrace it. The last lines, signify the mortality of earthly things and emphasize that hope for the Divine things which remain forevermore.

    This piece was quite difficult to understand because it was vague, it hinted on everything at once but failed to explain it and as you might have noticed, it was one paragraph of almost 500 words, which was a self-challenge for me. I am really impressed that you have managed to drive out some meaning out of it, which is also quite perfect. I love it and appreciate your point of view. You have given me your precious time and you deserve something in return. Expect me 🙂

    Thank you, again and again.


  3. From what I understood, this script begins with hope and end with hope, and in between that the writer talks about a common man who always depends on the light or spark from the outside but doesnt look into his own heart where it dwells, leading to hopelessness and stressful feelings, and during this period his heart becomes more tough like a stone and he stops completely to think from his heart until he comes to know that the light he looks for is right inside just near to the core of his heart, hope.

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  4. G-d and Man, in my eyes – it all goes back to that, I think, as it always does, or should. The Divine spark within us as it relates to the rest of the sparks completing wholeness, always Divine, of the Divine. I always love your rhyme. Thank you, Weavr (and Arkane).

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