The paths we follow, different paths, paths to prosperity, to success, to ecstasy, my path and your path; in our minds, depicting a picture that even after passing through all the miseries remains; a picture so artful, so supreme; in our hearts a hope, for our saddened brothers and sisters, a hope for a positive change, an amelioration, a source of joy giving a reason to smile in despicable times.

Imagine the life of a slave living in the early 1700’s, every single act upon him by his master makes him think that his generations will always be slaves, be treated in brutal ways and will have no respect, no rights but, before he sleeps, for a small moment he thinks, he thinks so hard, he cries, he screams on himself, and after letting out the anger he holds for his master, he thinks just for a moment, that change will come, it will bring us peace and a name, an identity, right of a common man, or at least he wishes, though he knows it won’t happen in the near future, but these bits of hope in despair, from one person to another, bring about in existence Nelson Mandela and then there is another negro who wakes up in the morning and hears that the Negro are freemen with the rights of a common man.

Hence, dwells in our own little realm a moon, that reflects the light from the eyes into our soul, but the light of the first moon is so fragile that we hardly notice it until it drowns in the darkness of the night, and there is that day when we unconsciously look out of our window and witness the moonlight not in the skies but endowing upon our own souls akin to the sun’s piercing light in the morning.


The Author: Ammar Jin

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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