Struggle of Love

Two branches, one thin, one thick,
One small, one long,
One weak, one strong,
Through the night,
The branches shake,
Beside the lake;
Waiting for so long, to be together
But it is the weather,
That is stopping them;
There love; always for each other
Making them impatient,
To hug each other;
But it is too far to hug
Blaming the weather their time goes,
Blaming the wind their time passes,
Oh! So angry they are;
Waiting for the wind to be on their side;
So that they can meet where ever they are.
At last! Wind blows and the branches move
They meet each other, At last!
But there is no time,
For wind blows again and they move,
Bringing them as far away, as it can.
Again angry they are,
Again waiting for the time,
To meet each other where ever they are.


Your thoughts are much appreciated, please point to us any mistakes you find.
The Poet: Arkane

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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