A Silent Dark Night

Withers the profundity of our souls, becoming densely feeble in every note, as we drift in the river of fate. We do have a heart but it functions no more than, lub-dub, lub-dub, making us slaves of our own minds. We fly from one feeling to another, one place to another, one person to another, one purpose to another, and we don’t stay much long to enjoy what we are blessed with, unsatisfied and in search of betterment, we drift and drift…

I am so pained, of how our feelings have become so worldly, so selfish, so common, that they don’t feel like feelings anymore, so regretful I am of what we were and who we are, so ashamed I am of our heartlessness. Although our five senses sense but our observation’s so shallow, our paths so narrow, our souls so serene, our minds so careless and our hearts so drunk that we barely take anything as something and devoid of purpose, destined to worldly matters like a vessel brimming with sand which even if shaken barely raises a clamor or like a white feather in the black night, being blown away by the winds, drifting in calmness, drops over a flower and stays there until it is blown away by the wind again, meanwhile it sleeps in a deep death and never feels a thing.

Hence, out of billions of humans that came to earth, a few made a discovery or an invention or gave a philosophical idea, a few were brave enough to bring a change, to bring independence to a part of world, to think, to observe, a few were like Columbus who discovered America, a few were chosen as prophets and only one, Muhammad, to redefine humanity, civilization and purpose and yet the number is decreasing to this day for we have moved into a modern world so quickly that we have been unable to keep that balance in our lives as it was before, a balance that made us think and question our surroundings, that something is yet to be done, that something has been missed. We have become so dependent that we have lost the ability to observe things, to feel our surroundings, unaware of the deep dark night approaching us, which is darker than usual, so much that we would hardly witness anything, for we have become so dark ourselves that we are about to blend into it, without thinking how detrimental it would be.

Even right now, this moment, we dwell in a night, but not so deep, not so horrifying as it would be for now we do hear the barking of dogs, the chirping of birds, we do have a little vision, we do sense and observe a little, but the night is about to become darker, the clamor is about to increase and we are about to stop noticing, hence the dark blatant night is about to seem like a silent dark night, where we will drift without an emotion…until we step into the afterlife.

The Author: Ammar Jin

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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