Am I not the ugly one?


“O Sky! How hideous, and dark am I?
With hatred, looks a tiny fly.
O Sky! How evil, and ugly am I?,
Even death is too scared to cry.”


“O friend! Don’t heed the fly nor death,
They are the waste-lings of the earth.
O friend! Take a part of my breath,
and be renewed, with a new birth.”


“O Sun! How can I,
Am I not the ugly one?”
“O Love! How can you not,
Am I not the mighty one?”


“Thankful, am I to you,
Humble, am I to me.”


“O Love! How beautiful you are,
The light, you always scare away,
But night always welcomes you.
But I still for-see, a peaceful way.”


“O Sun! Did I not tell you?
I am the ugly one.
Even you ran away from me,
Where do I run?”


Your thoughts are much appreciated, please point to us any mistakes you find.
The Poet: Arkane

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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