Happy New Year!

A few second were left, out of breath and out of shape but uncaring for his own existence, the boy waited and finally, he looked up to sky and beheld a sight that blew him away. Millions of stars had come out to greet him and in their midst was the Moon, the Mother, the Queen, it looked as if the light of the stars was embracing the Moon, it was beautiful, spectacular and behind him, every person, young or old, weak or strong, cried with the utmost fervor the song of the new year but the boy was still looking up for he had been granted his wish…he was free, at last.

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Common Truth

Truth is one that belongs to one, it is always subjective, single and yet you say that it can be common?

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A Christmas Longing

Wonder with care the truth and reality that you should care the every heart’s actuality. Some tears always fall but be the one to wipe them and take hold of their hands and embrace them with love…

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You think this world to be everything, that is your folly. Look where its boundaries end and see yourself free, this world is your cage, destroy it and when in nothingness, your soul may lie then call yourself free for only then the desire to live may die and with it, your bod.

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The Silent Castle

“A shooting star!”, my sister breathed. I looked up.

“Make a wish”, I whispered, afraid that the spell would break and the beauty, that had taken hold of us and had made us forget everything, would vanish.

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The Purpose

Every man is driven by a purpose. Different goals are kept in mind, different paths are paved toward those goals but all paths end at the same place; the ultimate form of greatness…

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