From the esoteric waters to the great heavens, by hook or crook, here and there, in some manner life breaths its first and last, our soul counts the seconds, the minutes and the hours left of us, until we pass through the doors of the inevitable. While a flower perishes, somewhere another cherishes, while a leaf falls another comes up on the tree, while a patch of grass is crushed under your feet, somewhere another’s saplings are thriving to bask themselves in the sun, to grow to their finest possible, hence a balance lies amongst us and our lives that keep things going in the Gods way. Life is a vast being, it cannot be expressed entirely in words, feelings or emotions, to some, life is breathing and thumping of hearts, while to some it is the pulsation of sub-atomic particles, and to some it is a witticism. Every being perceives just a fraction of it in their little vicinities, not accepting the idea that each planet and its moons, the sun and the faraway stars have a way of life, a color, a heart and life breathes there too. It is challenging to comprehend such an insightful thought but down the Milky Way and above the seven skies, there is life and the most complex form of it is God Himself, who created us from a droplet.

We are blessed with life, it is a reason to smile, it has feelings, emotions, thoughts and expressions but it is brief, and a complex muddle, with only one path leading to realization, to ecstasy. It is a trial to prove yourself, testing you in each moment with time and adoption. The former by remarking where and how it is spent and as it runs out, our struggle starts, we strive and thrive for our little destinations, until we reach them, and until then another destination is set, we run and run after it again, we never get much to enjoy, to stay, and time worn us and our minds out. Though time is limited but it is limited in our minds, it has no boundaries, it gives us a feeling that soon it will end, as the clock ticks our struggle begins, and if we fail to make it in time, time makes us demotivated, hopeless, and to enjoy life that is full of such miseries we become uncaring, and by becoming uncaring we get to think, to be hopeful, and be happy:

For love to a flower comes by chance,
And hope is the key to get its glance,
To imagine its beauty glow and dance,
To know how would be their final romance;

As to a flower life is so short and brief,
And it usually dies in its darling’s grief.

Imagining a glimpse of a flower so high in rareness, its petals as if a rainbow, and itself so unruffled, so serene dwelling among deadly thorns, and its fragrance oh! I have no words, its very imagination freshens my eyes and I, a flower, opens up each morn just to see it, blooming besides me, longing to be it, longing to be it and one day i get the courage to ask, how? How to be you, how to be so heavenly? and it answers:

“Oh little life, don’t call upon me, call upon yourself, ask what should you be, and I heard you say rareness, its hidden inside you, as It was hidden inside me, until I changed my heart, my purpose and this new purpose took me to rareness, I grew in all aspects of life, and each aspect gave a different color to each one of my petals, don’t give me the same old excuses, don’t say you cannot, and don’t say it is too late, don’t even say that life is temporary and soon you will fall, don’t say that, be hopeful, time is your rival and it makes you adapt yourself commonly in the common world and you think life is about to end. I know soon I will be holding on to just one petal left on my shoulders, and when It falls I will reach my afterlife where I will cherish again on another plant while here i am leaving my mark in your heart and in many others, death is just a door, that opens up as you reach it and closes once you pass, and life begins again, not from the start but from where you left it, and even if you are of the belief that there is no life after this one, even then, does being exceptional give you any harm? so be yourself, be brave enough to pass through all the thorns, to make a difference, that’s life worth living, so make a choice, and remember, the toughest part is the most beautiful one, grow and let the painter paint you and i mean allow him to paint you the way he wants, he just waits for you to make a move, to show you are worth it”.

The Author: Ammar Jin

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7 thoughts on “Life

  1. Deep writing. How are you? I miss your comments. As you can see I am getting into this comment thing. Quite an interesting thing. I’m learning. The Spirit of our Father in us is the greatest and only Teacher with the power to make His teaching alive and eternal in my soul. Somehow, all that are meant to be, shall realize the same thing. love, thia

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  2. Beautiful. Thank you Glitchy artist, for this philosophical and inspirational piece. The dialog reminds me of the book, The Little Prince, for some reason. There is so much in it. Thank you for following and Liking on my blog. I really appreciate it.

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    1. There is nothing to feel sorry about, I, the commentator, am The Weaver. The one who wrote the article is Ammar Jin, a deep friend of mind. Actually, I am the one who runs this blog and organizes all the other small things, so it is me who has to reply to comments, often. You are welcomed from me and my team. Please, never hesitate 🙂

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