The minds of the people are most affected by their perception of the outer world in such a way that they become a grotesque depiction of the present and their personalities are found floating in the oceans of ideas, thoughts and imaginations, entirely outside of their inner self, in the oceans where the winds of ever-changing change blow.

For most people this is close to reality. However for some, the inner reality depicts an environment devoid of misty clouds of criticism and pessimism, a scenic enclosure where the sun forever shines, an extraordinary and fantastical reality. They believe their inner selves to be a type of ever green field of flowers where the saplings of their goodly qualities are increasing by every minute.

They open their eyes everyday to a sun that is brighter and more beautiful, to the fields of their endeavors more greener.

However, if we ever tear down the fantastical scenery of evergreen fields, surrounding the chambers of their inner mind, lurking behind are shadows and demons of their inner soul, which they try so hard to hide from themselves and this world.

But there is another kind, who hides behind the reality of darkness and gloom, behind the shades of misery and hatred and for them, light with all its brightness and splendor, which shines on the evergreen fields, is just a forgotten dream from the ancient past. But if, by any chance, they try to look not from the lens of misery and wretchedness, they will see a whole different world, a whole different reality.

A world, which many claim to have seen but only few people have in reality. A world in which, the sun forever shines but darkness also lives just behind the curtains. A world half-bright and half-dark, a world of laughter but tears too, a world of pain but also of relief, a world where, with evergreen gardens, there are also barren lands, devoid of any sapling or flower.

Such is the balance of this world, the equity of it, the nature of it that extremes are always balanced out. If evil rises then so does the good. If darkness reigns then so does the light. If the cries of sadness are heard then somewhere the laughter of happiness is also heard.

A man’s essence is so vivid and unique that it experiences both realities at the same moment; the good and the bad but only if he does not force himself into corners on either side of the field for only an existence whose essence can face the harsh realities with a smile, is brave.

The cowards can only run from the field to cower in the corners and they might in this way save themselves from the slings and arrows of reality but in turn they will lose their true essence, which makes them who they are, until they are nothing more than an empty vessel, a face, hollow.

The Author: Muhammad Ali Hafiz

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