You think this world to be everything, that is your folly. Look where its boundaries end and see yourself free, this world is your cage, destroy it and when in nothingness, your soul may lie then call yourself free for only then the desire to live may die and with it, your bod.

Free your soul like that lonely bird,
Who lives encaged, hoping to fly;
And when it spreads its wings at last,
Its voice resounds in every heart,
Without a care it sings of grief,
And frees itself with a cry of relief.
Become that bird and sing your song,
Your soul is in chains, break them all,
and intone your essence through your song.
You think this world in permanence breathes?
O fool! Look where its boundaries end,
Enshroud your soul with nothingness,
And become an existence beyond entirety.
and escape these skies to what’s beyond.

Why do you mourn beside my sculpt,
When I am free from all my bonds?
Smile! don’t cry for my goodly luck;
That I am flying and I have no bounds.
O friend, don’t you see that it was fate,
That born I may and then depart?
You think my death to be my end?
Have you lost your commonsense?
If I am not present as a speck of dust,
Then what in life or world has changed?
I need not exist to exist, my dear,
For simply in form do not one lives.
In reality, it’s my soul that breathes,
So why do you cry beside my bed?
Do you still perceive me dead?
My friend, I am like that drop of rain,
That when touches the thirsty ground,
Instantly vanishes within the earth,
So on my parting, why do you mourn,
When you know my reason of birth?

Death is inevitable and yet you hesitate?
Welcome it with peace and thanks,
For it will unbound your shackled soul.
Yet how can you? when you love to live,
Like a lamb who scuttles away in fear
And cries when death is beholding it.
Become a lion with a soaring soul,
And walk beside it, hand-in-hand.

Death is just an experience you fear,
Like an effigy of something surreal,
Brought about just by your dreams;
When in reality, it is a blooming flower,
Whose fragrance is with freedom filled.

The Poet: Arkane

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