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A Reflection Of Me

Walking on a dark narrow path,
With my head down to the ground,
Eyes swollen, my shattered heart,
From far away I hear some sound;

Eyeing up to the skies I see,
Birds in the air, so full of hilarity,
With their families, and so free,
But I am alone, losing my vivacity.

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The Hollowness

It was a day that held memories; clear blue sky and the dulcet light of the sun made it all look divine, but no eye looked to the blue sea above or the dulcet sun, for all prospects held in their core some distorted image of a missing purpose, some empty part of life…

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Hunted She Lay

It is only after you have despaired that you hope, it is only after you have lost that you win, it is only after you have faced your demons that you become truly free, it is only after…

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