Hunted She Lay

Hunted she lay,
Full of despair;
With dry eyes,
And no fear.

Numb to the bone,
like cold stone;
hoping in despair,
despairing in hope.

All so wrong,
All so familiar,
Yet so strange…

Hunted down, preyed upon;
Haunted now, she lay;
Inching towards the bonfire,
Yet feeling the darkness,
Closing in on her.

All so wrong,
All so familiar,
And not so strange,

In a sea of voices,
In a room of thousands;
For all that noise,
For all that chatter;
Nothing louder,
Than the silence in her ears.

Wasting away,
Slowly and softly,
Nobody noticing,
Nobody listening,
No more visible,
But a shadow;

Tired at last,
Of hiding away;
Being weak,
Being helpless.

Angry at last,
A decision made;
Set in stone,
Marked in blood;

Head held high,
She turned around;
Embraced the demon,
Grip strong as iron;
All the pain,
All the truth,
She took it all;
And walked away,
Free at last…

The Poetess: Aquilina

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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