The Heart Of Nature

Rainbows arc on the morning sky,
And kiss the blossoms on their feet.
And soaring, soaring they must reach,
The cloud where Beauty sits to greet;
And stopping, resting sing to me
The song the Nature sings to me.
If just you had a heart to feel,
And eyes to see what I dare see.

Flowers see spring in autumn too,
If only you had eyes to see.
They might be queens of blossom hue,
But also kings in winter spree.
But you see what the blinds must see;
The dark, the bitter, the cold tree.

Have you seen the sky’s changing hue?
And have you heard the call of spring?
A secret book to you this seems,
With Nature’s blood which is then inked.
Look closer and then you will feel,
The heart of nature that I feel.

The Poet: Arkane

Dedicated to a very special person who means a world to me. 🙂

You, my Reader, what did you see in these words? What feeling did it invoke? Every word closes with a thought and no verse ends without a reply. My Reader, your reply will forever be awaited. In the meantime, like to appreciate us, follow to honor us, comment to encourage us, share to flatter us. 

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Photo credit: Untitled by Vincent Sheed via Photopin (License)
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


10 thoughts on “The Heart Of Nature

  1. This is beautiful! I know how you feel, I’m a nature – lover,too. And I also feel like it’s being ignored. It’s the most beautiful thing ever, always a source of joy and inspiration for me 🙂

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