Nothing is persistent, everything is temporary and changing. We experience different things from dusk to dawn yet we remember them briefly. We run for food, pray for happiness and die for another day to relive and rejoice ourselves with hope. Failure accompanies us in the verge of night and we rise up to make a difference although we are taken up by the evils on our way and it cycles.

Each one of us passes through these situations however some of us win, they are victors, and they succeed not because they try to make a difference but because they are destined to. Destiny is like a child born in the middle of World War II in a small town being crushed to the ground, his mother swallowed by the inevitable while the fragile wins his life. We do say that we create our destiny but it is always there waiting for us to embrace it through a set of actions that we will make. Our every choice is towards it, no matter how much despairing or hopeful, great or petty it maybe.

You may live the days of despair and reach greatness and for the betterment of people, and let’s say you might write a book about “Greatness” but even then you cannot create greatness in people if greatness isn’t meant for them. But here is the thing, everybody dies great however once we start to relate them with other people their greatness becomes so little that it seems no more. A soldier is brainless without an officer and an officer unarmed without a soldier. A need of both is there and they reach the greatness of it in their own little world.

Nobody can change the future unless they have seen it, you can only change the present into the future through various channels but that’s what you are meant to do. It is useless to be nervous about what will happen or what has happened, just live the day, be happy, be good and greatness will reach your doorstep.

Author: Ammar Ahmed

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3 thoughts on “Path

  1. Quote: “It is useless to be nervous about what will happen or what has happened, just live the day, be happy, be good and greatness will reach your doorstep.”unquote.

    Difficult for me to comment since, as a visionary, my life has given me an opposite experience. For me, there is no present, no “the day” as such. There is infinity, the past, replete with many remembered past lives, and there is the future as seen in visions, also stretching to infinity, where it remains unformed. The present is the null point where the future becomes the past, and everything I think, everything I say, or do, is either relating to past or to future. And I think that if anyone stops long enough to really consider this question, they will discover the truth of it. We need this awareness for our innate creativity (the future is the plan, the sketch, the dream) and the past is the ever unfinished canvas we look back upon to see where we went wrong, and how we can improve to change the future. Only the one who is dependent, non-self empowered, worries about the future. Worry doesn’t help anyone, and certainly isn’t conducive to creating a better sketch of the future.

    So, conclusion, for me: live in the present, and remain totally dependent on external forces to shape your “destiny” or “fate” or whatever you want to call it. Or, live in the infinity of past and future and evolve to the level of creator.

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