Dark Love

Some violins play their mourning song,
As drums beat in silent throngs;
What was there, there now begins,
Its organ playing the tune within,
And Love that carried the world without,
In waves of misery, pain and doubt,
Burned to ash in the darkness of night,
As if it lay with the pending Light.
And the wind in it’s sadder tone,
Carried the news to distant homes:
“Ah! Fade the chords of love with time,
And I with them from thee resign.”

The Poet: Arkane

You, my Reader, what did you see in these words? What feeling did it invoke? Every word closes with a thought and no verse ends without a reply. My Reader, your reply will forever be awaited. In the meantime, like to appreciate us, follow to honor us, comment to encourage us, share to flatter us. 

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