Every Curve On The Road

I have heard it said that life is like travelling on a worn path in the middle of a vast desert with no idea where it is going to take you. Each rough bend yields something new, something unexpected, something that can either knock you to your knees or make you throw your arms up in the air. Sometimes it is welcome and sometimes not but always it comes unbidden. You can neither control it nor stop it because life, as it is often said, waits for none. Like a rolling ball of yarn, it keeps on unraveling unbidden. And like every rolling ball of yarn, every life continues at its own pace, its own journey and so the obstacles you face and the rewards you get cannot compare to another.

the unraveling yarn of life…

There is no such thing as being left behind or losing the race for you are the only passenger on this uncertain journey. There is simply no competition but that which exists in our mind. We thrive on vile things like competition and jealousy, we estimate our victories and our losses by comparing them to others. Our happiness means nothing if its cause is lesser to another’s. Jealousy gnaws at our gut and instantly we become miserable. We forget to be happy solely for ourselves, we forget to put aside the world and remember that that is their life and this is ours; we have our own life to live and they, theirs.

Who knows what is in plan for us, who knows when there might not be a life to live. We have to learn to be happy in the little things we already possess while looking for something greater, something more; we have to learn to be happy with what we have for you never know when it might be snatched away; most of all we have to learn to look beyond the manifold layers most of us hide behind and see that beneath them all there is a person just like us; he too has problems to face, he too gets up every day wondering what’s next in store for him; he too has moments of utter devastation and complete ecstasy like us; he too has a life which, however perfect it may seem, is not; he too, like each of us, wonders what’s beyond the next curve on the road.

Author: Maryam Atta

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