Dark Love

And the wind in it’s sadder tone,
Carried the news to distant homes:
“Ah! Fade the chords of love with time,
And I with them from thee resign.”

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The Heart Of Nature

Nature is a treasure, nature is a blessing and we are too blind to notice its presence, its essence, its heart. The heart of nature beats in us yet we do not feel…

Rainbows arc on the morning sky,
And kiss the blossoms on their feet.
And soaring, soaring they must reach,
The cloud where Beauty sits to greet;
And stopping, resting sing to me…

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A Reflection Of Me

Walking on a dark narrow path,
With my head down to the ground,
Eyes swollen, my shattered heart,
From far away I hear some sound;

Eyeing up to the skies I see,
Birds in the air, so full of hilarity,
With their families, and so free,
But I am alone, losing my vivacity.

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Hunted She Lay

It is only after you have despaired that you hope, it is only after you have lost that you win, it is only after you have faced your demons that you become truly free, it is only after…

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Virtuous Minds

Great minds are valuable to a nation, they are its foundations, its guiders, its builders. They are the light in the dark, the flowers among the weeds. They are hope.

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Childhood, what a wonderful it is! So free we are, so full of hilarity. Unburdened and ignorant, such a blissful time. Childhood, indeed, is a story that remains…

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