A Breakfast In Hell

“Hallo!” I hail to some girl at a big gate
Replies she, her looks ugly as a rusted grate,
“Lookie here, what have we got? A saint?
Ha! And here I assumed, it was Goliath”.

Hear her as I, my fury beginning to boil,
“And who would you be, a froggess in turmoil?”
“I am the Gatekeeper, the guardian of hell!”
“Hell?! I am standing at the gates of hell?!”

She starts to laugh like a screeching bitch,
“And whose ass, has sent you here to glitch?”
“This is a mistake”, my tone now in a high pitch,
“My place in heaven, with this I can’t switch”

Speaks she then with a voice like thunderstorm,
“Deny?! You dare deny me?! You lewd worm,
I was made from fire, my heart from storm,
My soul breathes fire, and fire is my right arm.”

“Ma’am! I just departed to fetch some breakfast,
How could I have known, this place as my last?”
A pleading note in my tone, my face aghast,
“Please! You are mistaken, this can’t be my last.”

“That blasted Tamir! He led me amiss,
Now I am in front of this aghast abyss,
Curse that worm! May he die in his own piss!”
I say, my tone changing into a hiss.

Her face softens, but i know she’ll bite,
“Ah! Stop your wailing, you pesticide!
This Tamir of yours, ain’t he a hypocrite?”
My surprise hidden in my biggest of smiles.

“Okay! You dog, I spare your soul for his,
Now run and never look back on this abyss”
I feel softness, but she speaks with a hiss
Maybe it is magic or some delusional trick.

The Poet: Arkane

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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