Happy New Year!

The boy ran with all his strength, through the streets and the lanes heading straight for his destination. There was no time left, his heart was beating violently against his young chest, he ran and ran like a madman towards that single crowd of people. All was silent, everyone was anticipating someone’s arrival but whose? The time flew by without caring for that little boy, who had been waiting for this moment all the year. Just a few minutes were left, excitement was brewing, smiles were hiding behind the anticipating faces, waiting for that final moment yet the boy was nowhere to be seen. He was alone, holding a balloon in his upraised hand, battered by the wind but still intact.

The boy felt alive and dead at the same moment, he had hopes, prayers, wishes just waiting for that moment to come. At last his eyes greeted his destiny but there was no time. He fell but stood up and ran, never giving up hope, to reach his destiny and at last he stepped in the confines of his fated place, his rightful throne, his destiny.

A few second were left, out of breath and out of shape but uncaring for his own existence, the boy waited and finally, he looked up to sky and beheld a sight that blew him away. Millions of stars had come out to greet him and in their midst was the Moon, the Mother, the Queen, it looked as if the light of the stars was embracing the Moon, it was beautiful, spectacular and behind him, every person, young or old, weak or strong, cried with the utmost fervor the song of the new year but the boy was still looking up for he had been granted his wish…he was free, at last.

Happy New Year!

The Weaver

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